Label, Rubber, Ribbon, Spunbond, Fibre, Shoulder ped, Trimmings, Gripperi, Rivet, Zipper, Spacer, Sequin, Bead, Hanger,

                       Accessory, Petiti Point, Embroidery, Accessories Stone, Dress Cover


                     Wedding Gowns Fabric, Evening Gowns Fabric, Fantasy Gowns Fabric, Printed Fabric, Fiber Industrial Fabric, Home Textile Fabric,

                     Raw Fabric, Silk Embroidered Fabric, Jacquard Fabric, Velvet Cloth, Linen Fabric, Cotton Linen Fabric, Denim Fabric, Lacoste Fabric,

                     Lycra, Nylon, Cotton, Nylon Fabric, Polyester Fabric, Nylon Fabric, Non-woven Fabric, Knitted Fabric, Cotton Fabric,

                     Polypropylene Fabric, Polyester, Viscose Polyester, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Polyester Fabric, Polyproplen Plastics, Satin Fabric,

                     Soya Fabric, Stretch Fabric, Suede Fabric, Taffeta, Fleece Fabric, Viscon Fabric, Wool Fabric


                      Cotton and Cotton Mixed Yarns, Elastan Yarns, Wool and Wool Mixed Yarns, Viscose and Viscose Mixed Yarns,

                      Acrylic and Acrylic Mixed Yarns, Polyester and Polyester Mixed Yarns, Silk and Silk Blend Yarns, Fancy Yarns, Polypropylene Yarns,

                      Polyamide Yarns, Linen and Linen Blend Yarns, Natural Yarns, Regenerated Yarns, Metallic Yarns, Technical Threads, Sewing Threads,

                      Embroidery Threads, Nylon Yarns, Hand Knitting Yarns, Textured Yarns, Fibers, Bobbin Weft Bobbin and Spool



                       Store Window Material, Consultancy Project Contracting Installation and Service, Software Institutions, CAD-CAM, Packing, Label, Stowage, Logistic,
                       Services, Leasing Organizations, Generators, Related Publishing